Remansi Company

Remansi is an online concept store featuring art & crafts products of beauty from around the world made by passionate artists and crafters and brought to you with love. At Remansi, we create exotic Arabic touch added to contemporary designs. Hoping to build a brand that encourages everyone to see beauty in what makes them unique.

There is something to be said for an arts and crafts store. Art is unique and embodies the personality and passion of the person creating it. With Remansi, there are no two pieces alike. You can be guaranteed to get something truly original and unique when you purchase a handmade craft or art piece. When searching for the best "arts and crafts boutique" you will be sure to find Remansi. At Remansi, we take pride in our handmade works of art. We understand that our customers are unique and original, so they deserve unique and original works of art. Remansi products are from around the world chosen for their beauty, good design and ability to inspire, delight or simply tackle your senses. No two pieces are alike which can add some fun and originality to your style.

Remansi Art Gallery

Rema Mansi can’t remember the day she decided to be an artist. “I have always known, even as a small child, where my destiny was taking me." Rema grew up with a love and passion for art, but decided to pursue other interests after graduating from New York Institute University. Since she moved to the Bay Area few years ago, Rema has dedicated her time to pursue her childhood dream of becoming an artist, taught herself to draw, and further developed her talents .
Rema’s work can be described as narrative impressionistic realism. Specializing in oil paint and charcoal, she relies on her feelings to inspire her artwork. “My happiness is when my piece on my canvas begins to come alive." Rema’s art has evolved over time to become a narrative where each captured spontaneous moment tells a story.
Recently, Rema's artwork was recognized by International Art Museum of America and the Society of Western Artists in California, USA.

Remansi Owner

Rema Mansi is from Jordan with roots from Palestine. As an immigrant to USA, Rema has a passionate about preserving her Mediterranean heritage especially Palestine.



*****As we set out on our journey, we hope you can join us in building a brand that showcases our love for our roots and gives back to our communities in-need****